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Here is the team from FinanceIsland Inc. We have launched this blog to discuss financial analyses in businesses. Our focus is on finance, not accounting. To simplify the distinction, accounting activities – such as bookkeeping, auditing, and taxation – are backward-looking. Finance activities, on the other hand, are forward-looking, covering topics such as investment analysis, resource allocation, and cash flow projections.

Due to its forward-looking nature, financial analysis requires projections of the future. Projecting the future is of course full of uncertainty, so any analysis of the future needs to address this uncertainty. We will cover here how this uncertainty can be managed by discussing topics such as Monte Carlo simulation and real options.

This blog is intended for anybody involved in financial analysis at any type of business. This can range from business decision makers in smaller firms, who rely on financial analyses to support their decisions, to financial analysts at larger companies, who perform these analyses.

Contributors to this blog will be the FinanceIsland team. FinanceIsland is a company providing online financial analysis tools ranging from quick ad hoc calculations to advanced analysis techniques. The company was founded by financial analysts and controllers who have applied corporate finance and statistics principles in their finance careers at small and large companies. You can find more information about FinanceIsland by following the links on top of this page or simply checking our About us page.

We hope you will find this blog valuable. And we are looking forward to your comments.

FinanceIsland Inc

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