“Preparing your company for recession” … and recovery

Back in January 2008 CFO.com published an article titled “Preparing your company for recession” about how smart companies can prepare themselves for recession by using predictive modeling techniques and Monte Carlo simulations. The same is true during economic recovery: predictive modeling and Monte Carlo simulations can help companies to better anticipate the upturn.

As CFO.com explained [...]

New finance apps with Monte Carlo simulation

FinanceIsland has just launched three new finance apps with Monte Carlo simulation. Ten years after the idea was born, three years after the technology became available, two years after first proof of concept, and one year after the development and testing cycle, we are ready. These three new tools represent the first implementation phase of [...]

Risk analysis

Risk analysis or risk management are concepts usually associated with financial institutions or large corporations. But risk is something that also small businesses encounter on a regular basis. They may however shy away from performing risk analysis since this concept may seem so “big enterprise”. But it’s not. Risk analysis is simply the identification and [...]

(Almost) crystal ball: Monte Carlo simulation

Although net present value (NPV) rocks, it is hard to believe that any financial metric representing the future outcome of an investment correctly describes what will REALLY happen. After all, cash flows that are inputs into the NPV analysis are forecasts and forecasts are never accurate. In lieu of a good crystal ball, you can [...]