New finance apps with Monte Carlo simulation

FinanceIsland has just launched three new finance apps with Monte Carlo simulation. Ten years after the idea was born, three years after the technology became available, two years after first proof of concept, and one year after the development and testing cycle, we are ready. These three new tools represent the first implementation phase of [...]

Why NPV rocks

Net present value (NPV) is the most versatile investment metric. It’s based on forecasted cash flows and the opportunity cost of capital. You should accept any investment projects with NPV greater than zero. NPV is an absolute measure, it recognizes the time value of money, and is less prone to interpretation mistakes than its alternatives. [...]

The funny thing about ROI

Is return on investment (ROI) of 5 a good one?

Are you coming across questions like these? I do too and I’m usually puzzled since this question is loaded with so many assumptions. Let’s identify these assumptions before answering this question.

First, it needs to be clarified what “R” and “I” stand for. ROI is a relative [...]